Modern Jazz Quartet – Space (Apple SAPCOR 10) (1969)

A lovely record seemingly less concerned with melody than with feeling, this relatively late MJQ album is distinguished from earlier ones by its, well, spaciness. Recorded at Trident Studios in London with Apple A&R guy Peter Asher supervising, some of Space has an Eastern/drone musical sensibility that may very well be a product of its time. The apparent aim was achieving a bass heavy “rock” sound with acoustic jazz instrumentation, but this is not In A Silent Way much less Bitches Brew–it is still wholly recognisable MJQ.

I bought this at a yard sale in my village and when I asked “How much are your Lps?” the guy selling said, “Make an offer–how much is it worth?” Well, I hate that because I go to bootfairs, yard sales, chaz shops, etc. to pay as little as possible and I don’t like to be caught out as a cheapskate. I didn’t want to offer a pound (for appearance’s sake), but I didn’t want to say two quid (because of my previously mentioned cheapskatism). I had another album, so I offered £3 for the pair. It was worth it.

Did these liner notes inspire label boss Paul McCartney circa 1975?

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  1. i reckon i’d be happy to pay £3 for this alone so good thriftin’ fella!

  2. […] course, I’m a long-time fan of MJQ and so was more than happy to part with one quid at a Whitstable junque store for the first […]

  3. […] on this oddly titled, early Warner Brothers Lp with able help from MJQ’s rhythm section (them again!) and contrast to Desmond’s day job provided by guitarist Jim […]

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