Teenie Chenault and the Country Rockers (ERS-517)

I can’t tell from the (autographed!) sleeve and research is inconclusive, but I believe this is a compilation of 60s singles by Virginia country musician Teenie Chenault released around 1969-1970 and may have been produced by Pete Drake. And 90˚straight edge high-lonesome country it is with pedal steel cryin’ in every alcohol consumption/relationship troubles song; the only exception to the good lovin’ gone bad scenerio is “You’re No Inspiration” and that’s about a woman who doesn’t cheat, run around, beat time, etc. on her man and is therefore “no inspiration, Gracie, for a hit song.” Nice little turnaround there.

While the song-writing and vocal delivery inevitably lack the panache of the first-rate country singers of the day, the band is very good and there’s something otherwise heartwarming about this nifty regional C&W Lp: In a sense, it’s real folk music, you know.

Awesome cover that I have to suppose is of an earlier vintage; even country singers, who are, almost by definition, several years behind the times, wouldn’t look like that by the turn of decade, though, funny enough, Bryan Ferry certainly looked like Teenie (below) a couple years later. Chenault’s band were regulars at Wheeling, West Virginia’s Jamboree USA, which is just a few miles from my Grandparents place, so it’s possible that I would have seen the Country Rockers advertised as a young boy.

The most interesting piece of writing I found about Chenault comes from the book, Tourette – That’s What Makes Me Tic, starting on page 108.

What this record was doing in Faversham, I don’t know; but what I was doing in Faversham was looking for records like this.

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  1. I had the pleasure of listening to Teenie Chenalt and the Country Rockers at Chu Lai RVN when stationed there during Viet Nam war. I saw them perform twice at an EM club there.

    • Hi guys you can connect with Teenie at patchenault00@yahoo.com,, Know he would love to hear from you

      • Hi Teenie. Don’t know if you remember Loy Inman, but I’m a sister,
        We’ve enjoyed listening to your music. Brought back a lot of memories. Margie

  2. Nice one, Bill!

  3. Tonite I listed to Teenie play at a house party in Florida . It was a great time . At the age of 76 his voice is good and he really enjoys entertaining. Thank you TJ for a wonderful evening of. Entertainment.

    • I thought he was retired.

  4. where in fl was teenie? been trying to find him.I also was on wheeling jamboree with him & did road shows. would love to make contact. there are a lot of us still out here!

    • No idea, sorry. Any info about TC, I got off’n the interwebs.

      • Judy above said she saw him at house party in march this year.hope she checks in again..I’ve searched all I can. I’m sending lots of memorabilia to Wheeling Jamboree with show line-ups in 60s, including working with Teenie

  5. Saw Uncle Wiley today at a pizza place in tj maxx shopping center. He drummed for Teenie when they played Lakeside Tavern & other places in the Richmond area. Wiley was celebrating 8th wedding anniv with his wife. It was free show with Don Wade & Freddie C…..Wiley looks same as he did when i last saw him almost 10 yrs ago…except in his words “I’m still fat as hell”

  6. I have an acetate that I believe is this same guy, recorded in Tupelo and typed on the label as Johnny Chenault it’s a song called Sunday Morning that I saw in a discography of Teenie Chenault online. The printed date is 8-23-73
    I was excited to find this photo and would dig hearing some of the music.
    Thanks for the post!

    • Very welcome!

    • ty for the reply but been a long time…please send original post;…teenie used to play local bar in lakeside, henrico va back in early 2000’s

  7. Teenie retired in 2009. Lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. He did a Christmas show 12/13/15, at the Old Dominion Barn Dance in Richmond. He had former band members of the County Rockers with him. Still sounds good. Loved what I saw of the show.
    I would have been there but did not find out till August, 2016.

    • nice one

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