The Glitter Band – Hey!

The Glitter Band - Hey

“Yikes – what on earth?!” you all screech, “did they really exist and, if so, what were they thinking ?”

Oh yes, you youngsters – back in those heady post-peace-n-lovin-sixties – mid-70s-tale-end-of-glam – they most certainly did, and just bleedin’ well take a gander at them!

Now don’t get me wrong – I love a bit of glitter – but these dudes look like they have all been recruited from some down-trodden pub-rock venue (probably not playing but stacking barrels). And when they were not pursuing a ‘solo’ career, they were none other than the backing-band for the man of Glitter that no one dare speaketh his name (‘Gazzer’ to his mates – of which there are now certainly almost none!)

The music on here is much like the Glitter stomp we are used to,  and even charted back in the day. “Angel Face” is actually not a bad little ditty (if you like that sort of thing). In fact I could imagine your wedding-dj playing this thing out as a staple for a certain aged dance-floor…

Just try not to spend too long focussing on the damn creepy faces (especially Harvey and John – spooky !!!)

The Glitter Band - Hey

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  1. jesus h christ – that’s the scariest sleeve i’ve ever seen. records like that should’ve come w/public health warnings.

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